Hillworth Park

Hillworth Park Event Update:


The team understand that the ability to come to a wonderful green space and spend some time thinking about ANYTHING other than Coronavirus is key in these uncertain times.


They are still working hard to make sure Hillworth Park is a safe, clean space for you to visit and, as you probably know, the Cafe in the Park is still open at this time too.


We do have a packed events programme coming up and we have updates for you below:


* The Crafty Kids in the Cafe event (7th April ) - sadly, we have taken the decision to cancel this. Everyone who has bought a ticket will be refunded. Emails will be sent shortly.

* The Scrambled Eggs Easter Hunt (12th April) - at this stage, we are planning on still going ahead with this as the event is OUTSIDE! Numbers are limited and we will make sure we observe all hygiene procedures to keep you all safe.

*Twilight Cinema in the Park (23rd May) - we are moving this event to FRIDAY 4TH SEPTEMBER as we are hoping that we will all be able to gather freely then and most of us will need something to look forward to!! As above, anyone who has bought a ticket will be informed today.

*Plant in the Park (26th May) - we are looking to postpone this to later in the year, more details to follow.

*PHAB Push and Walk (6th June) - the lovely PHAB lot have postponed this event and are looking to hold it later in the year. Again, details to follow.






"Very well appointed with separate areas for different ages. Lots of kit for all of them ... Lovely surroundings - the Town Council has done a great job here."

Phylis (TripAdvisor)